Forbidden Games is poised to release the action-selection game Lizard Wizard into the hobby trade.

The second game in Forbidden’s Racoon Tycoon series, Lizard Wizard was designed by Glenn Drover (Railroad Tycoon, Age of Empire III:  The Age of Discovery).  The game features action selection, set collection, and auction mechanics, as players compete to gather the mystical reagents they need to cast spells and acquire mana.  The players can summon familiars to explore dungeons for gold and treasure, recruit wizards from various schools of magic, and build magical towers.  Points are awarded for pairing wizards to towers, with the player earning the most points claiming the title of Arch-Mage.

Lizard Wizard comes with 1 game board, 210 reagent tokens, 115 cardboard coins, and 177 cards.  The cards are lavishly illustrated by Annie Stegg Gerard (whose credits include work for Disney and Wizards of the Coast as well as Racoon Tycoon).  The game is intended for 1 to 5 players and takes about 90 minutes to play.  MSRP is $49.99.

Click Gallery below to see artwork from the game.

Forbidden Games rose funding for the production of Lizard Wizard through a Kickstarter campaign last summer that raised $317,998 from 4607 backers (an average of $69.02 per backer), following the Kickstarter-to-trade strategy co-founder Drover described following the launch of Extraordinary Adventures:  Pirates (see “Forbidden Games Heads for ‘Extraordinary Adventures:  Pirates’”).