Sponsored.  ChannelFireball announces the next Local Game Store Conference to be held on May 22 with a panel including members from Pokémon, Flesh and Blood and more!

CFB Group is happy to announce our next Local Game Store Conference on May 22nd - a free digital event for professionals in the collectibles and card gaming industries.  Our previous event earlier this year saw hundreds of store owners from around the world gather to hear talks from Wizards of the Coast, Legend Story Studios, UltraPro and more!

This upcoming event - LGS Con II - is a free event, open for registration here and we are overjoyed to have James White from Legend Story Studios, the creators of Flesh and Blood, returning  again for a live Q&A.

Also, joining for the first time this May is Steph Flores, Retail Development Lead from The Pokémon Company!  Steph will be speaking on what stores can expect this year and the benefits organized play can bring to retailers and the Pokémon Trading Card Game community as a whole.

"Our vision for LGSc is to create an essential event, connecting stores and industry members - it’s so important for all of us to work together, learn from each other and collaborate.  We’re thrilled to bring people from around the world together for LGS Con 2, and especially excited to welcome Pokémon for the first time." - Josh Grant

CFB Group will also be presenting ahead of the launch of our upcoming marketplace - stores interested in learning more about the ChannelFireball Marketplace can go here to learn more and stay informed.