NFT platform Curio and InTrove, a new company founded by Adam Fortier that connects physical collectibles to NFTs  (unique digital non-fungible tokens), have partnered to launch a series of NFTs tied to physical collectibles, beginning with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1-#4 in high grades, the companies announced. 

The physical collectibles, in this case the first four issues of the b/w comic series in CGC 9.4-9.8, will be stored and insured free for the first six months by Diamond International Galleries, and the new owners may elect to continue to store the comics there or take possession in exchange for the NFT.  The NFTs can be traded (only) on Curio, providing a more friction-less way for collectors and dealers to conduct transactions without the hassles of moving the physical item around. 

InTrove President Adam Fortier (formerly of Joe Books, BOOM! Studios, and others) explained the concept. “Comic book collectors looking to cash in on rare items often have to invest even more in proper storage because of the sensitive nature of these items,” he said. “This partnership takes all the pain out of that maintenance while still giving collectors a way to display their rare collectibles and show to anyone the amazing things they own.”

The first four NFTs are being auctioned beginning today at 10 a.m. PT; the auctions will run for one week. The NFT, which will include detailed scans of the collectible provided by InTrove, will provide a record of transactions.  Curio CEO Juan Hernandez stressed the NFT component. “Now there’s a way for collectors to break into the burgeoning NFT market while simultaneously holding onto a piece of comic book history,” he said.

Future collectible comics from InTrove will be provided by dealers and collectors including Harley Yee and Josh Geppi.  Additional categories are planned, including trading cards, video games, and artwork.