Vault Comics has announced it will publish the graphic novel WifWulf, which was funded on Kickstarter, and distribute it to retailers. 

WifWulf is a story about loneliness, revenge, and werewolves, set in Montana in the 1860s. The full color, 72-page comic was co-created by Dailen Ogden, Collin Kelly, and Jackson Lanzing,  and Lanzing is running a Kickstarter to pay the creative team and fund a single printing. The Kickstarter campaign reached its $20,000 goal in nine hours and as of this writing has exceeded $33,000 in pledges from over 850 backers. The campaign will run until November 13.

Under the agreement struck between Vault and the creators, Vault will handle the publication and distribution of the Kickstarter edition and will offer a version of the book to bookstores and comic shops. Kickstarter backers will get additional rewards, including a foil cover, signed bookplates, and other items that will not be available in the direct market. The book will be available in mid-2022.

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