Some good news on the port congestion that’s been causing stock-outs and price increases, especially on tabletop games sourced from China (see "Asmodee USA, Luma Imports Announced Price Increases"), has turned up recently.  Spot rates on containers from China have dropped to $13,924, according to FBX numbers reported by TheLoadstar.  That’s a far cry from the $35,000 number we’ve heard from multiple game companies over the past few months.

The drop is primarily seasonal, as holiday goods are already en route or delivered, according to the report, but still represents welcome respite for companies who have new titles or reprints in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, at the Port of Los Angeles, a decision to implement fines for cargo containers not moved out of the port in a reasonable time is starting to help clear the clogged port, according to CNBC.  The fines, imposed for truck freight left for nine or more days, or rail freight left for more than six, kicked off on November 1.  They begin at $100 per day, then go up in $100 increments per container per day.