Wizards of the Coast previewed its upcoming Unfinity set, for Magic: The Gathering, which will come out on April 1, 2022 (see "'Magic: The Gathering' 'D&D' and 'Masters' Sets").

The big news to come out of this new Un-set is that it will contain new Eternal format-legal cards that co-exist in the same set as non-tournament legal cards. In previous Un-sets (see "'Magic: The Gathering - Unstable'"), the vast majority of the cards printed were not tournament legal, which consequently made the sets less desirable to players. WotC and Mark Rosewater's design team seemed to have resolved that issue by using the security holo stamp to convey information about the card's legality in specific formats.

The design team created a new acorn security stamp for Un-sets, which means the exact same thing that silver-bordered Magic cards used to. Cards with acorn stamps are only for use in casual formats, thus alleviating the issue of needing to print sets with non-tournament legal cards in entirely silver borders. Unfinity is, in fact, a black-bordered set and contains some cards legal in formats like Commander and Legacy.

This set also features cards with a retro-pop showcase card treatment as well as new galaxy foils, and will be configured as both Draft and Collector Booster displays. The Collector Boosters for this set will also be entirely comprised of foil cards, with 12 of the 15 cards included being traditional foil cards and the other three being galaxy foil cards.

The main attraction for this set are the land cards, which come as Planetary Space-ic lands, Orbital Space-ic lands, and 10 borderless shock lands. Space-ic lands are full art basic lands that depict either a terrestrial landscape or the landscapr as seen from orbit. The borderless shock lands are a reprint of the Ravnica land cycle with new, unconstrained space-themed artwork. The frequency of pulling a borderless shock land from a pack is one out of every 24 booster packs in Draft Boosters and one out of 24 in each of the two slots, traditional foil and galaxy foil, in the Collector Boosters. 

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