Paizo, Inc. unveiled Pathfinder Dark Archive, a new rulebook for Pathfinder RPG 2E, which will release in August 2022.

Pathfinder Dark Archive is a 224-page hardcover rulebook filled with the secrets of the Pathfinder Universe for DMs and players. It adds two new character classes, the psychic and the thaumaturge, which are both adept archetypes for exploring the unknown. The book also comes with eight secret case files that each provide player options, GM tools, and lore for paranormal topics. These topics include cryptids, cults, esoteric beliefs, and temporal anomalies.

Pathfinder Dark Archive will retail for $54.99.

WizKids recently dropped new miniature pack announcements for their Pathfinder and Starfinder Deep Cuts line, which are headed to retail in April 2022 (see "'Pathfinder' and 'Starfinder' Deep Cuts").