Modiphius Entertainment will release Star Trek Adventures: Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide, an TTRPG setting book, into retail in January 2022.

The Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide allows games to expand into an all-new area of the Beta Quadrant.  This book was originally announced for Q3 of 2021, alongside the Tricorder Collectors Set (see "Expansion of Their 'Star Trek' RPG and Miniatures License"). The setting is centered around on the Shackleton Expanse and Starbase 364,  and adds five new playable alien species to the game. The book includes a 10-part campaign, featuring the Tilikaal, that starts in the original series and spans into The Next Generation eras. The book also has GM tools for setting stories set in the Shackleton Expanse as well as new NPCs to use in encounters.

This book will retail for $59.99.