DC and Archie have linked up to present a single kids line of comics to advertisers; DC will rep ad sales for both companies.  DC will also represent Archie characters when selling custom publishing projects. 


Archie will be included in a 'kids network' of 20+ comic titles next year, with a rate base of 1.3 million copies per month.  The Kids Group will also include DC's kids books, such as its Cartoon Network titles. 


A full page across all the titles will sell for $36,478.  Ad revenues will be shared between the two companies. 


DC is adding Newco Media (currently representing Archie for ad sales) to The Berman Group to expand its roster of ad reps. 


Both Paul Levitz of DC and Michael Silberkleit of Archie denied to the Wall Street Journal that the new agreement was leading toward a merger/acquisition.