Restoration Games revealed The Omega Virus: Prologue, a new card game, coming to retail on February 9, 2022.

In Omega Virus: Prologue, players are trying to collect and play three pieces of equipment to stave off the Omega Virus. It is a real-time card game set in the world of 1992's The Omega Virus board game, which Restoration Games is in process of remaking. This product is somewhat of a reduction of the original board game down into a tableau-building race game, where players are top-decking cards off of identical decks in order to create a floor plan. The rooms created on the floor plan contain keys that unlock the equipment needed to win the game. This game lasts three rounds and the player with most points wins.

The game box comes with 69 square cards and a rules insert. This game is for two players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 10 to 20 minutes. It will retail for $9.95.

Restoration Games will also release Unmatched: Battle of Legends, Vol. 2, a new board game miniatures exapansion and battle map (see "'Unmatched: Battle of Legends, Vol. 2'").