Games Workshop has revealed details about the upcoming Necromunda:  Ash Wastes, a new starter set for its tabletop miniatures game of futuristic gang warfare releasing later this year.

In Ash Wastes, the action moves out of the claustrophobic underhive to the unforgiving deserts that surround the hive cities. In this barren territory, gangs have to compete not only with each other but also against inhospitable winds, radzones, and hostile denizens. The open battlefield also allows the introduction of vehicles and mounted troops to the game system.

The boxed set will include all components needed to play the game, including an updated core rulebook that covers all of the rules for playing matches in the desert, two gangs featuring House Orlock and the Ash Waste Nomads, a desert-themed playmat and terrain pieces, dice, templates, and cards.  Release date and MSRP have not been announced.  All miniatures will be supplied unpainted and assembly will be required.

Click Gallery below to see full-size images of the miniatures in the set.

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