The Eisner Awards judges have named six inductees from a wide range of periods and roles into the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame for 2022, along with 17 nominees from whom 4 additional inductees will be selected by vote.

The six judge- selected inductees include Max Gaines, who founded EC Comics and invented the comic floppy format still used in the U.S. today, legendary Marvel Comics writer and editor Mark Gruenwald, British illustrator Marie Duval (Alley Sloper), Kewpie creator Rose O’Neill, and two living legends: Filipino American artist Alex Nino (DC, Marvel, Warren, Heavy Metal), and artist P. Craig Russell (Elric, The Sandman, Coraline).

The 17 nominees for the remaining 4 choices are Howard Chaykin, Gerry Conway, Kevin Eastman, Steve Englehart, Moto Hagio, Larry Hama, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, David Mazzucchelli, Jean-Claude Mézières, Grant Morrison, Gaspar Saladino, Jim Shooter, Garry Trudeau, Ron Turner, George Tuska, Mark Waid, and Cat Yronwode.

The Hall of Fame nominees will be voted on by comic store owners and managers; comic book/graphic novel/webcomic creators; comic book/graphic novel publishers and editors; comics historians and educators; and graphic novel librarians. The deadline to register to vote is May 5, the deadline for voting is May 11.