Sponsored.  The My Hero Academia CCG brings forth its second core set, Crimson Rampage!  Available May 6th, Crimson Rampage introduces the Hero Killer, Stain!  Utilize the heroes in training of Class 1-A as they confront this vigilante roaming the alleys.

The first base set of the MHA CCG introduced the XR rarity, allowing every card in the set to come in foil, with some cosmetic changes to select cards.  This trend continues with Crimson Rampage, allowing players and collectors a massive amount of depth to enrich their collections.  Sitting at the pinnacle of every collection being the XSRs, the Extra Rare variants of Secret Rares that have kanji text on them.  There is no better time to get into the game as this set looks to replicate the amazing collectability and gameplay of the first set.

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