Beadle & Grimm's revealed D&D Spelljammer: Adventures in Space - Platinum Edition, a new RPG collectors set, which will ship in Q4 2022.

This new limited edition premium set comes in a Collector's Platinum Edition Box with all sorts of RPG goodies. Its main feature includes all three books exploded; included as soft-covers with a players-only section. The boxed set also comes with a DM Screen, pre-generated characters specific to a Spelljammer campaign setting, Encounter cards, Ship cards, a Booklet of Bonus Encounters with original adventures and art, handouts, a map tube with original battle maps, a package of individual ship maps, new Spelljammer: Adventures in Space magic item and spell cards, and amazing in-world artifacts. The set also contains 20 curated WizKids pre-painted miniatures in their own collector box.

This set will retail for $499.99.

Beadle & Grimm's recently unveiled a new Magic: The Gathering collaboration (see "Here Be Dragons").

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