BOOM! Studios plans a special landmark 100th issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which will be writer Ryan Parrott’s final issue on the main series. Artists for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100 will include current series artists Marco Renna and Moises Hidalgo and early Mighty Morphin and Go Go Power Rangers artists Dan Mora, Hendry Prasetya, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Eleonora Carlini, Francesco Mortarino, and Miguel Mercado. Each issue will include one of ten collectible training cards, featuring the Power Rangers and villains, designed by Dylon Todd with art by Kris Anka.

The 48-page special issue will be released on September 28 with a main cover by Dan Mora, homage cover by Bon Bernardo, a wraparound cover by Mercado, a foil cover by Goni Montes, a 1:10 incentive cover by Bon Bernardo, a 1:25 incentive cover by Mike Del Mundo, a 1:50 incentive cover by Tyler Kirkham, a 1:100 incentive cover by InHyuk Lee, and an Unlockable cover by Mercado. The cover price for the issue will be $9.99 except for the foil cover, which will be $11.99.

In addition, BOOM! is gathering five key issues from the history of the franchise in a special Megazord Pack with new covers by Keyla Valerio that will be exclusive to the set. The five comics are Mighty Morphin Power Rangers#1, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #9, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25, Go Go Power Rangers #1, and Go Go Power Rangers #8. The pack includes the first appearances of Drakkon and the Ranger Slayer as well as the beginning of the Shattered Grid crossover. The stories are by Kyle Higgins and Parrott, and the artists include Prasetya, Di Nicuolo, and Mora. The pack will be released on September 21 with an MSRP of $39.99.

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