Czech Games Edition announced Deal with the Devil, a new Euro style fantasy game, for release at Essen Spiel 2022.

In Deal with the Devil, players compete to construct buildings in a medieval city. The players need to make deals to get resources, except for one player, who is secretly the devil looking for pieces of the other players' souls instead. This tableau-building game includes a hidden identity mechanic where players identities and their trades are kept secret throughout the game. Secret roles in the game include a mortal, a cultist, and the aforementioned devil persona. Players will need to deduce who is the devil, who serves the devil, and whose soul is already sold all while building up the city.

The game box comes with players' screens for secret action planning, a main resource board with player's interest, Building cards, Event cards, Inquisitor cards, a Reputation board, Resource tokens, Envelopes for secret trading, reference sheets, and a companion app. This game is for four players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 120 minutes. It will retail for $69.95.

Czech Games Edition also unveiled Starship Captains, a new space exploration board game (see "'Starship Captains'").