Roleplaying games, the heart and soul of the hobby games business, are having a banner year, expanding on a steady string of growth years kicked off by the launch of Dungeons & Dragons 5E in 2014.  The phenomenon has spread to other games, as players introduced to the hobby by D&D expand their horizons and try new games.

"RPGs are the story of the year so far," a hobby distributor told ICv2.  "D&D’s king by leaps and bounds, don’t get me wrong, but the number of RPGs that were [significant contributors to] sales was 40 different brands."

D&D was all over the top of the chart of the Top RPGs for Spring, with the core product line from Wizards of the Coast holding its near-permanent #1 slot, and other products built on the 5E engine grouped at #3.

Pathfinder was softer in Spring, although it still retains its position as #2 by breadth of line and longtime player base.

Renegade Game Studios’ Hasbro RPGs were new additions to the top five, selling well at launch, and there’s a wide range of titles, some on this chart of ten and others, generating major sales in 2022.

This chart of the Top RPGs reflects sales in Spring 2022 (January-April).  The chart is based on interviews with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.

ICv2's Top 5 Roleplaying Games - Spring 2022 (Overall)





Dungeons and Dragons

Wizards of the Coast





D&D 5E

Darrington, Goodman


G.I. Joe RPG

Renegade Game Studios


Power Rangers RPG

Renegade Game Studios

These bestseller lists are from ICv2's Internal Correspondence #102:
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