Stonemaier Games revealed Smitten, a new cooperative micro-game designed by Jamey Stegmaier, for release in late September 2022.

Smitten is a new two-player card game published in celebration of Stonemaier Games’ 10th anniversary. In this game, the players work together to complete two identical 9-card panoramas using limited communication. Each card played has the instructions for the other player to place a card. If they fail to place a card, the game ends. The game features multiple levels of difficulty as well as a solo mode.  

This game is for one to two players, plays in 10 minutes, and will retail for $10. Smitten will also be included for free with any Stonemaier webstore order placed for a limited time.

Stonemair Games recently teased Wingspan Asia, an expansion for the best-selling birding game (see "'Wingspan Asia'").