Warlord Games unveiled Mythic Americas: Inca Warband Starter Army, which will be coming to retail soon.

The Inca Warband Starter Set comes with a balanced, elite force that specializes in magic and other ranged attacks. The Inca faction allows a player to piece together a force that can move quickly, shoot, and fight well. The Inca magic and its caster priests can launch formidable ranged spells and fortify their spells by sacrificing models. The game box includes a Sapa Warlord, 10 Cuzco Spearmen, 10 Antisuyu Archers, and 3 Condor Riders.

Mythic Americas: Inca Warband Starter Army will retail for $112.00.

Warlord Games also released Mythic Americas: Maya Warband Starter Army (see "'Mythic Americas' Starter Army").

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