Tony Lee, the former editor of Games Unplugged, has announced that he will be editing Games Elite, a new bi-monthly publication for serious fans of all aspects of adventure gaming. The magazine will cover collectible card games, role-playing games, board games and collectible miniature games.  Games Elite will debut in August with a cover price of $2.95.  Copies of the first issue will be given away to gamers attending GenCon Indy from August 19-22.


Games Unplugged, the previous publication edited by Mr. Lee, was nominated for an Origins Award, but the legal troubles of Games Unplugged's owner Ross Rojek put the publication in legal limbo (see 'Rojek's Arrest Short Circuits Games Unplugged').  Now Lee is back with Games Elite, which will include reviews of more than two dozen adventure gaming products from all categories as well as features on the top games and their designers plus news, opinions, profiles, and Top 10 Lists.