Lucky Duck Games unveiled Cosmoctopus, a new card engine-building game by Paper Fort Games, which will head to retail after an October 2022 Kickstarter.

In this game, players become devotees of the Great Inky One, a mysterious celestial being. They must assemble a configuration of tiles, gathering cards, and resources to help guide the being through the Inky Realm. To accomplish this task and prove their loyalty, players will create a card engine from bizarre objects and experiences. The goal of the game is to be the first devotee to gather eight tentacles and open the portal to the Inky Realm.

This game can be played cooperative or competitively. It is for one to four players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 60 to 90 minutes. Lucky Duck Games will also launch Andromeda's Edge, a new sci-fi worker placement board game by Luke Laurie, onto Gamefound (see "'Andromeda's Edge' onto Gamefound").