Osprey Games will release Xenos Rampant, a science fiction wargame based on Lion Rampant rules, on November 22, the company announced.  A second edition of the Lion Rampant rules for medieval wargaming, written by Daniel Mersey, was just released by Osprey (see “‘Lion Rampant: Medieval Wargaming Rules 2E’”).  The rules are based on the Lion Rampant ruleset;

Xenos Rampant, written by Daniel Mersey and Richard Cowen, is a large skirmish miniatures wargame.  The volume includes rules, army lists, and scenarios in multiple subgenres including post-apocalyptic, weird war, and near future. Art for the 160-page hardback is by Mike Doscher. MSRP is $35.

Click Gallery below for full-size mini pics and art from the volume!