Jasco Games announced, earlier today, that it will end the bundling of My Hero Academia CCG: Heroes Clash 1st Edition and Unlimited Booster Display boxes, and will offer a Buy-a-Box program for to help incentivize retail sales of Unlimited Booster Displays starting November 3, 2022.

Both 1st Edition and Unlimited Booster Display boxes for Heroes Clash are now available to be purchased separately by retailers. Coupled with the bundle split news, Jasco also revealed their Buy-a-Box program called "Extra Credit" for retailers who have purchased unlimited booster boxes of the My Hero Academia CCG: Heroes Clash. This program offers retailers individually packaged promo cards, to help incentivize retail sales, based on the quantity of Heroes Clash Unlimited Edition they have purchased.

The promos are intended to be given out one per sale of an Unlimited Edition booster display. There are five different promo cards, each of which feature alternate art. The "Extra Credit" promos are expected to ship to stores towards the end of November 2022.

Heroes Clash released on October 21, 2022 (see " 'My Hero Academia CCG' Booster Set").  

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