Sponsored: Yesterday we took a closer look at the Deck Boxes included in the new Vivid Collection of gaming accessories available from Ultra PRO. Today we’ll talk more about the Zippered PRO-Binders, which come in the same great Vivid colors!  With three pocket-page options to choose from— 4, 9, and 12— there’s a PRO-Binder suited to every card collector, whether they’re just starting out or have been collecting cards for decades now.

The 4-Pocket Page Zippered PRO-Binders feature twenty 4-pocket pages sized for standard trading cards, with side-loading pockets so you can store up to 160 cards total, including cards with Deck Protector sleeves. This size is perfect for new collectors, or for those looking for a binder to hold smaller rare collections, like holos, promotional cards, or just a personally curated selection of favorites! Just like the rest of the Vivid collection, each binder comes in the same bold and fun color options, including blue, green, purple, red, light blue, yellow, teal, and black, and features a matching zipper and pull tab.

Each Vivid 9-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binder has twenty 9-pocket pages, for storing a total of 360 cards in Deck Protector sleeves. The 9-pocket configuration is great for organizing cards in sets of threes, like Pokémon evolutionary lines, or alternative art card sets. No matter the size of pocket pages, every PRO-Binder is made with acid-free, non-PVC materials to ensure that treasured cards are always protected and preserved.

The 12-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binders are designed for collecting and organizing playsets of your favorite trading cards, with twenty 12-pocket pages allowing you to store up to 480 cards. This size of PRO-Binder is ideal for collecting playsets! Whether you play Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon TCG, you can easily organize your playsets—typically made up of groups of 4 of the same type of card— and see them all laid out at a glance for easy deck building in the 12-Pocket PRO-Binder!

Regardless of the number of pockets, every PRO-Binder page features a low-friction black backing, which creates a separation between the front and back pockets, and provides a classic framed look for each card. Your favorite cards will always look great and stay safe inside a Zippered PRO-Binder, so let your imagination run wild! Organize cards by color, type, release set, rarity, art style, alphabetical order, or however else you like to group your collection! With so many colors and sizes to choose from, you can create almost unlimited combinations, for the ultimate organizational system.