Embracer Group reported that sales of $398 million (all numbers reported in Swedish Kronor and converted to dollars at today’s exchange rate) in its fiscal Q3 (October – December 2022) by tabletop game distribution and publishing subsidiary Asmodee were down 5% against the same quarter in 2021.  Embracer listed its key Asmodee new releases in the quarter as Star Wars Clone Wars, Splendor Duel, Challengers, Twilight Inscription, 3000 Scoundrels, and Heat: Pedal to the Metal.

The drop in Asmodee’s sales come at a time of board game market contraction in the U.S., Embracer said in its quarterly report.  It estimates the board game market in the U.S. as down 7% for the nine-month period April through December 2022.  It estimates the overall tabletop game market as up 1% for the nine-month period, buoyed by an estimated 21% increase in what it called "strategic trading cards."

Asmodee (and parent Embracer) were profitable in the October-December quarter, and in the nine-month April-December period.  Asmodee had operating income of $59 million on its $398 million in sales in the October-December quarter, and $83.6 million in operating income on $965.6 million of sales in the nine-month April-December period.

Embracer earned $143 million on sales of $1.11 billion in the quarter, and $354 million on sales of $2.72 billion in the nine-month April-December period.

Video game company Embracer acquired Asmodee (along with Dark Horse Comics) last year (see "Embracer Completes Acquisition of Asmodee").  It has identified 25 video game projects based on Asmodee tabletop, which are in various stages of development.