Legend Story Studios announced Flesh and Blood TCG: April Armory Kit, a new organized play kit, for release into retail in April 2023.

The new Armory Kit supports the Outsiders booster set events held in FLGS across the world. The set features Azalea's quiver, Crow's Nest, as a cold foil. It comes with 4 Cold Foil Crow’s Nest, 11 Rainbow Foil Lace with Bloodrot, 11 Rainbow Foil Lace with Inertia, 11 Rainbow Foil Lace with Frailty, and 2 Arakni, Solitary Confinement playmats.

Legend Story Studios recently previewed new cards for Flesh and Blood TCG: Outsiders set (see "'Flesh and Blood TCG: Outsiders' Set").

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