Publisher Description.  Miles Morales is about to swing into his darkest battle yet as he finds himself prey to the most terrifying villain in the Marvel Universe: Carnage!  Original Carnage host Cletus Kasady is back and more powerful and bloodthirsty than ever before!  And he has a score to settle with Miles—and with all of New York City!  Part of the overarching Summer of Symbiotes, an entire season of symbiote insanity, the two iconic characters will go head-to-head this May in Carnage Reigns, a brutal crossover between their respective ongoing titles as well as the new symbiote series starring Normie Osborn, Red Goblin.

Crafted by Carnage writer Alex Paknadel and Miles Morales: Spider-Man writer Cody Ziglar and featuring art by Julius Ohta, Jan Bazaldua, Federico Vicentini and Francesco Manna, the seven-part epic kicks off in May with a giant-sized one-shot, Carnage Reigns Alpha #1.  This visceral saga promises to be one of Miles' most intense stories as Carnage forces the young hero to confront brutality he’s never experienced in his time as Spider-Man.  Right now, fans can see what awaits in June including the finale one-shot, Carnage Reigns Omega #1.

Red Goblin #5 - "Carnage Reigns" Part 4
Written by Alex Paknadel
Art by Jan Bazaldua
Cover by Inhyuk Lee
On Sale 6/7

Carnage #14 – "Carnage Reigns" Part 5
Written by Alex Paknadel
Art by Francesco Manna
Cover by Kendrick “Kunkka” Lim
On Sale 6/14

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7 – "Carnage Reigns" Part 6
Written by Cody Ziglar
Art by Federico Vicentini
Cover by Dike Ruan
On Sale 6/21

Carnage Reigns Omega #1
Written by Cody Ziglar
Art by Julius Ohta
Cover by Ryan Stegman
On Sale 6/28

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