Chaosium unveiled Basic Roleplaying: The Universal Game Engine, a new Open RPG Creative License game engine, for release in April 2023 as a PDF with a hardcover to follow later.

This new ORC system (see "Revolt Against OGL Changes") allows developers to create their own games without royalties or further permissions from Chaosium.  The Basic Roleplaying game engine is the same one utilized in Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest books that employs "roll low" mechanics.

"Chaosium was one of the first game companies to sign on to the Open RPG Creative License initiative being spearheaded by our friends at Paizo,” said Chaosium COO Neil Robinson.  “We're pleased to have our core rules system released under the ORC as an example of an open RPG license that anyone can use.”

The new book features the core rules for character creation, character advancement, combat, magic, psychic powers, mutations, superpowers, weapons, equipment, and vehicles.  These rules can be applied to most RPG existing settings as well as newly developed ones.