Games Workshop revealed the first two models from their upcoming Warhammer: The Old World miniatures line.

Warhammer: The Old World was first announced back in 2019 (see "'Warhammer: The Old World' Logo") and was originally projected to arrive in about three years. The pandemic may have pushed its arrival date back a bit. At the end of 2020, GW teased some of the factions for the game by releasing a map of the kingdoms (see "'Warhammer: The Old World' Factions"), but then, they went more or less silent project until recently.

The two new miniatures for Warhammer: The Old World will be made of Citadel plastic and Forge World resin, and can be used with the plastic, resin, and metal miniatures from previous editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  The first two miniatures unveiled were the Tomb King from Nehekhara and a Bretonnian Paladin. These two miniatures are only the beginning of a flood of new and revitalized models coming for this line.

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