Wizards of the Coast revealed D&D: The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons, the ultimate dragon lover's guidebook, which will hit retail on August 15, 2023.

This  illustrated guidebook features the best content from three bestselling books: A Practical Guide to Dragons (2006), A Practical Guide to Dragon Riding (2008), and A Practical Guide to Dragon Magic (2010). These three books were originally published  through WotC's Mirrorstone Books imprint (see "WotC Refocuses Its Publishing Program"). The book offers all sorts of details about dragons from the personal notebooks of  wizard Sindri Suncatcher, such as details on the appearance, capabilities, habits, lairs, and treasures of ten dragon kinds. It offers up a wealth of dragon lore as well as tips on how to fight dragons and even ride on them.

It will retail for $39.95.