WizKids unleashed Pathfinder Battles: Fearsome Forces, a new miniatures booster set, which will hit retail in October 2023.

Pathfinder Battles: Fearsome Forces features monstrous foes for heroes and adventurers to face on the tabletop in Pathfinder encounters.  This blind box product offers up 18 randomly assorted figures for players to collect.  It comes in two product configurations: the Single Miniature Booster and the 12-count Battle Box (which contains 12 miniatures).  Battle Box cases will have 2 Battle Boxes (24 Single Miniature Boosters total).

The Single Miniature Booster will retail for $6.99, and Battle Boxes retail for $83.88.

WizKids will release a wave of Pathfinder Deep Cuts, new miniatures packs, which will hit retail (see "'Pathfinder Deep Cuts' Wave Inbound").

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