Bandai unveiled Savior of Chaos, the next Battle Spirits Saga CG booster set, which hits retail on January 26, 2024.

This set features the return of Nova as a double symbol spirit, which allows the spirit to use cards as two symbols and reduce an opponents' life by two with a single attack.  The set also contains twice the number of Special Rares and Saga Rares as in previous booster sets.  Additionally, display boxes come with a signature parallel card as a box topper that has the illustrator's signature on it.

Savior of Chaos has 283 types of cards. The rarity breakdown is as follows: 68 commons, 32 uncommons, 24 rares, 15 X Rares, 16 Special Rares, and 2 Saga Rares. Each pack comes with 12 random cards and a token, and displays come with 25 packs.

Bandai recently previewed Battle Spirits Saga: Ancient Heroes [L01], the first Lore Set for Battle Spirits Saga TCG (see " 'Battle Spirits Saga: Ancient Heroes [L01]'").