Sponsored.  Since its release, Marvel: Crisis Protocol has beckoned miniature gamers across the world to assemble teams of heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe and challenge their friends in battles of cataclysmic proportions.  Now, a new era of miniatures combat with your favorite Marvel characters is coming to your tabletop.

Atomic Mass Games is excited to announce the Earth’s Mightiest Core Set for Marvel: Crisis Protocol.  This new Core Set invites you back into the climactic clashes of heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe in an updated package that creates the next evolution of Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

The Earth’s Mightiest Core Set maintains all the current rules of the game but incorporates the  experience Atomic Mass Games has gained over the last four years in terms of sculpting and  engineering, plastic production processes, game design and development, and artistic vision.

These updates begin with the heroes and villains that form the foundation of players’ Rosters.  Featuring 11 characters across 13 completely new miniatures, the Earth’s Mightiest Core Set updates the characters found in the original Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Set along with a new version of Winter Soldier.  Perhaps the most noticeable updates come in the form of Captain Marvel, Cosmic Avenger, who now comes with both Normal and Binary form miniatures that use the Transform mechanic, and Ultron, Metal Tyrant, who is accompanied by Ultron Drones grunts.

But these changes are only the beginning.  The new versions of Baron Zemo, Iron Man, and Doctor Octopus now include Leadership abilities in the Hydra, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Spider-Foes Affiliations, respectively, opening up new Roster-building synergies and tactical possibilities in combat.

The characters players choose to battle over these objectives affects how they approach battle, of course, as do the Team Tactic cards they add to their Rosters.  To this end, the Earth’s Mightiest Core Set includes 13 new Team Tactic cards and 7 classic Team Tactic cards that offer plenty of variety no matter if you’re a new player assembling your first team or if you’re a veteran looking to explore new synergies.

The tactics a player uses focus on accomplishing objectives, of course, and the Earth’s Mightiest Core Set maintains the central Marvel: Crisis Protocol gameplay with three classic Extraction Cards: Skrulls Infilitrate World Leadership, Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan, and Struggle for the Cube Continues.  These are joined by three classic Sucure Crisis Cards: Riots Spark over Extremis 3.0, Infinity Formula Goes Missing!, and Deadly Meteors Mutate Civilians.

As an entry point into Marvel: Crisis Protocol, the Earth’s Mightiest Core Set also provides  players with everything they need to play the game, including a variety of terrain to build  thematic battlefields straight out of the Marvel Universe.

Among this new terrain, players will find a crumbling Roxxon station crawling with Ultron  Drones to serve as a cornerstone of their battlefields along with streetlights, cars, dumpsters, barrels, and a variety of other terrain pieces for characters to throw at their opponents in the  midst of battle.

Finally, a number of components are required to perform the basic functions of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, including moving characters in, carrying out attacks, tracking damage and status effects, and more.  To this end, rounding out the Earth’s Mightiest Core Set are all the components players need to bring the game to life on the tabletop, including dice, range and measuring tools, tokens, and a mission tracker. 

The Earth’s Mightiest Core Set for Marvel: Crisis Protocol is expected to release in October 2023.  Stay tuned to our website as we preview the new characters and content from this new beginning for Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

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