The Pokemon International Company will release the Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic boxed set into retail on November 17, 2023.

Trainers can return to the days of the Pokemon TCG Base Set with this brand-new boxed set. This collection comes with three 60-card decks that have the original first-partner Pokemon as well as several cards that were staples throughout the game's history, which are printed all as foil cards. The boxed set also debuts six all-new cards, including Suicune ex, Lugia ex, and Ho-Oh ex, and has a foldable two-player game board, stackable damage-counter cones, and a toolbox case.

The game box contains 3 60-card decks, 3 deck boxes, 3 sets of card sleeves, a two-player game board, a toolbox case with randomizer, 2 sets of damage counter cones, and 2 sets of condition markers. It will retail for $399.99.

Pokemon TCG: Obsidian Flames climbed to the top of the August 2023 TCGplayer Top 25 Sealed Products chart (see "'Pokemon TCG: Obsidian Flames'").

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