Legend Story Studios revealed the Flesh and Blood TCG December Armory Kit, which will hit stores soon.

The new Armory Kit features a cornucopia of holiday-themed prize support. It comes with 12 Squizzy & Floof and Cracked Bauble Rainbow Foil cards that can be given away (one per) to any customer pruchasing $85 worth of FaB product from the FLGS participating in the promotion.  The kit also comes with 4 Squizzy & Floof Cold Foils, 33 Liquid Colled Mayhem extended art foils, a Squizzy & Floof playmat, and a random playmat to be used as tournament prize support.  This kit also comes with Armory Event and marketing posters to advertise FLGS events.

Legend Story Studios recently announced that Flesh and Blood TCG logged its 100,000th organized play event (see "100,000th Armory Event").

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