Privateer Press has announced three model kits set for release in February:  the Orgoth Cadre for the Cursebound faction and the Shadowflame Shard Army Expansion and Skylla, the Abyssal Fury for the Shadowflame Shard faction.

The Orgoth Cadre offers a core group for a Cursebound army, with a total of eight models, led by the blasphemous magician Orlax, The Soul Slaver.  In addition to Orlax, this kit includes Halexus, The Warlord, a Ravener heavy warbeast, a Ghrotton Keeper, a Ghrotten Champion, and a three-member unit of Gnashers, the shock troops of the Cursebound.  MSRP is $109.99.

The Shadowflame Shard Army Expansion features a diverse group of models for the Shadowflame Shard that offer that faction new tactical options.  This kit is built around Nyxyan, The Stygian Coil, a new warlock, the three solos Wraithwing Paragon, Spinner, and Ryvyn, The Onyx Rampant, and two units of three models each, the Talon Lashers and Wyrmspine Cinderbacks.  MSRP is $129.99.

Rounding out the trio of new releases is the Character Warbeast Pack Skylla, The Abyssal Fury, which features the abominable Skylla.  This creature can use its transfiguring breath and bite to reform vanquished foes to fight by its side.  This kit comes with one body, one back piece, and three heads, and is designed to use disc magnets for construction, not included in the kit.  MSRP is $12.99.

Earlier this year, Privateer offered a new Warmachine starter set (see “Privateer Press Unveils New ‘Warmachine:  MKIV’ Starter Set”).