The Kids WB announced the fall schedule for its Saturday morning animation block, the highest-rated kids' Saturday lineup on television over the past couple of years. 


This year two new shows join the four-hour animated lineup.  The new Batman animated series, The Batman, gets a prime spot at 10:30 am (ET, PT), while the other rookie show, Da Boom Crew gets mop up duty at 11:30. 


Conspicuous by its absence is the new Astro Boy series, which was a hit in Japan, but has so far failed to catch on here in the States.  The Kids WB Saturday morning lineup starting on September 11 will be:


  8:00 am   Jackie Chan Adventures

  8:30 am   Mucha Lucha Gigante

  9:00 am   Teen Titans

  9:30 am   Xiaolin Showdown

10:00 am  Pokemon: Advanced Challenge

10:30 am  The Batman

11:00 am  Yu-Gi-Oh

11:30 am  Da Boom Crew


The Kids WB daily animation block (3pm to 5pm ET, PT) will include: Jackie Chan Adventures; Mucha Lucha, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh.