Evil Genius Games is launching a new organized play program in conjunction with the Organized Play Foundation, the company announced. The new program, The E.G.O. Program, launches on January 24, 2024, with a 10-part adventure plotted by Hollywood screenwriters including J.B. Ballard, head writer for X-Men 97. The storyline will focus on a secret organization designed to protect the interests of people who aren’t equipped to protect themselves. Several replayable adventures called EGO Plots and sanctioned Cinematic Adventures, including The Crow’s Foresights Folly, are also included in the program.

The program will be supported by Dispatch, a web application allowing GMs to schedule game sessions and players to sign up for those sessions, as well as a tracking system for games played and character advancement. 

The first season of The E.G.O. Program will culminate at Gen Con 2024. 

The Organized Play Foundation, recently granted non-profit status, was formed to provide volunteers for Paizo Games organized play.  The transition to third-party organized play volunteers, and now to non-profit status for the foundation, is related to the litigation surrounding the use of organized play volunteers by for-profit companies (see “Update on Judges Lawsuit”). Evil Genius Games is the first non-Paizo publisher to join the foundation as a corporate partner. 

Evil Genius recently released The Vault: Rules Compendium Vol. 1, collecting a year’s worth of rules for Everyday Heroes RPG (see “First Volume of ‘The Vault’”).