The Pokemon Company International released details on their next expansion for Pokemon TCG, Scarlet & Violet - Temporal Forces,  which will hit stores on March 22, 2024.

 This expansion was previously teased in 2023 during the 2023 Pokémon World Championships (see "'Pokemon TCG' 2024 Product Release Calendar"), but few details were known about the set until now. The new set brings back ACE SPEC cards that first arrived in the Black & White Series, which have powerful effects and are limited to one per deck. This expansion will also have new Pokemon from the video games Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, as well as Ancient and Future Pokemon, new Trainer cards, and type-shifted Tera Pokemon ex.

There will also be several significant cards for collectors. The set contains 7 ACE SPEC Trainer and Special Energy cards, 13 Pokemon ex, 2 Tera Pokemon ex, 22 illustration rare Pokemon, 10 special illustration rare Pokemon and Supporter cards, and 6 hyper rare gold etched cards. The product line will include the usual booster displays, Elite Trainer Boxes and special collections. There will also be a Scarlet & Violet -Temporal Forces Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box (available for preorder at the Pokemon Center) that comes with two additional booster packs and one additional promo card featuring the Pokemon Center logo.

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