Penguin Random House will release Puncheons & Flagons, a new D&D-licensed cocktail book, which will hit retail on August 27, 2024.

This officially D&D-licensed cocktail book, written by Andrew Wheeler, features recipes for 75 themed cocktails, mocktails, and bar bites that are sure to lighten up any encounter. Some of the more flavorful cocktail names include drinks named "Necromancer" and "Hand of Vecna" as well as batch cocktails like "Candlekeep Tea" and "Faerie Fire." The nonalcoholic offerings showcase drinks like "Mourning Cup" and "Baldurian Tonic." The drinks and small bites included in this book are easy to prepare and help add flair to a D&D night.

Puncheons & Flagons comes as a 192-page hardcover and will retail for $29.99.

Penguin Random House will release Dungeons & Dragons: A Long Rest for Little Monsters, a new Little Golden Book (see "New 'Dungeons & Dragons'").