Wizards of the Coast updated details on their upcoming Magic: The Gathering Clue-branded crossover SKU and revealed that the Murders at Karlov Manor Bundle has been delayed.

The first update to this product is that it was renamed, going from Ravnica: Cluedo Edition (see "Product Line Deets Revealed") to Ravnica: Clue Edition.  This was most likely to avoid Clue brand confusion, as Clue had predominantly been known as Cluedo in the U.K. but not as much in North America. In general, the box contents have remained the same from earlier solicitations (outside of the new packaging) with the most important saleable feature of this product being the exclusive art foil Shock Land Box Topper card inside.

WotC also unveiled some of the rules to the Magic-Clue variant game found in this box.  The game is essentially a reimagined version of Jumpstart with Clue game elements added.  Players shuffle two packs together and engage in a multiplayer game of Magic where each player has 30 life.  The Clue portion of the program manifests as an alternate win condition where players make guesses, after they deal combat damage to an opponent, at Evidence cards sealed away in a Case File Envelope to determine who murdered Guildmaster Boddy.  The Evidence cards included in the game box are also playable Commander cards.

This list price for this product is $70.00 on Amazon.

Additionally, WotC also revealed that the Murders at Karlov Manor Bundles have been delayed.  These products will have limited availability at some NA retail locations for prerelease events that take place on February 2, 2024.