Embracer reported that board game sales were down for its Asmodee subsidiary, and that Dark Horse's performance was "encouraging" in its fiscal Q3 (October-December).

Asmodee sales across all categories and territories were up 1% in constant currency, with TCG sales (the company distributes Pokemon TCG in a number of non-U.S. markets) the prime driver.  Board game sales were "slightly negative" worldwide, with U.S. sales lagging those in Europe.

Sales in the Entertainment and Services segment, which includes U.S. comic publisher Dark Horse, were down 2% organically and up 5% pro forma in constant currency.  Middle-earth Enterprises continues to outperform, driven by sales of the Magic: The Gathering - Lord of the Rings products, and a new video game.

Dark Horse’s performance was described as "encouraging," with fewer external headwinds and "an increased focus on profitability and cash flow generation."

Company-wide Embracer sales were up 4%, but the company reported a $165.4 million loss (at today's exchange rate), a decline from a $52.8 million loss in the previous quarter (see "Asmodee Sales Up, Dark Horse Down").  Embracer attributed the loss to a change in net financial items and restructuring costs.