FanRoll by Metallic Dice Games announced that they have teamed up with Son of Oak Game Studio to create Acorn Dice for the Legends of Mist RPG Kickstarter campaign.

FanRoll's newest dice project is a collaboration with Son of Oak Game Studio for their rustic fantasy RPG Legend in the Mist. In this game, players take on the roles of villagers that venture into a fantasy realm filled with peril and mystery, reminiscent of other fantasy tales like The Lord of the Rings and Princess Mononoke. It features a motivations and flaws mechanism as part of character creation, and the game revolves around players building up their character's personal story arcs by living through what would become a fireside tale. Thus far, this project has raised $614,604 from 5,539 backers (about $111) with 17 days to go.  

The new Acorn Dice are a pledge add-on for the Kickstarter campaign. These dice come as a set of six D6 dice in a faux leather satchel that is also a rolling mat.

FanRoll by Metallic Dice Games also recently release Rainbow Flag gaming accessories into retail (see "'Rainbow Flag' Gaming Accessories").

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