Mantic Games previewed Halo: Flashpoint, a new miniatures game, at AdeptiCon 2024.

Mantic Games first announced their team-up with 343 Industries for this game in January 2024 (see “Halo“).  Halo: Flashpoint is a team versus team miniatures game that offers gameplay inspired by the video game.  Players take charge of a Spartan fireteam commander leading their team into the War Games combat arena.  It is a skirmish game that runs on a D8 dice system with exploding dice; stats that augment movement and dice rolls are contained on different character cards.

The game translates the classic video game's weapons and game modes to the tabletop.  Unique features of this game include its fluid combat system and 3D terrain pieces that players can scale to gain tactical advantage over the other team.  This game is for two or more players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 60 to 90 minutes.

Halo: Flashpoint comes as a Recon Edition and a Spartan Edition.  The Recon Edition is the base game with 8 Spartan miniatures, and the Spartan Edition comes with 16 Spartan miniatures and 4 Banished Elite miniatures.  It will hit stores in September 2024.

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