SponsoredConquest's 8th faction is hitting shelves this week, with a new design aesthetic for tabletop play.  Each of Conquest's factions already has a distinctive look and style of play, and the Sorcerer Kings will continue this trend on tables.  The flowing elemental look and uniquely designed sculpts brings a fresh East Asian flair to tabletops, while the play style harnesses elemental magic for a new level of challenge for their opponents to try to overcome.  Conquest has always prided itself on being "Easy to pick up, hard to master!" and the Sorcerer Kings keep that tradition very alive.  Mastery of the Sorcerer Kings will be an evolving reality for the players, while their opponents continue to seek ways to thwart their command of tables.

The First Blood Skirmish style of play can begin with the purchase of a Warband for $49.99 SRP, where the Raj will lead the Efreet Brute along with Ghols and Rajakur units into initial battle.  Or upgrade to the 1 player 5th Anniversary Starter for $159.99 to get a very large First Blood Warband, one that will also serve well as a beginning Rank and Flank army for The Last Arguments of King warfare.  These are fantastic ways to start your Sorcerer Kings Path of Conquest.  At the end of the month, tables will be crying out for the first SK Monster - the Rakshasa - each with 3 alternate head sculpts so that you may customize these to reflect you, and your army.  Gamers and Painters at AdeptiCon "oohed and ahhed" over this new beast, one that we believe will be a classic element for Conquest fans!

Para Bellum also announced an instore community event for May that stores may plan now… a "Night with the Sorcerer Kings."  Bring your community together as this first collection of Sorcerer King items releases with food and prizes supplied by Conquest and Para Bellum Games.  Reach out to participating distributors, or our Retailer Relationship team to get your community in on the fun today!  Conquest is the tabletop miniature game that plays two ways - First Blood for fast paced Skirmish action and Last Argument of Kings for high fantasy, rank and flank play!

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