Nearly 20 years after a first survey of gamers by Ohio State University and GAMA in 2006, GAMA is collaborating on a second survey of gamers to look at players’ enjoyment, motivation, purchase behavior and other topics.  The new survey is being conducted by Dr. Ian Mercer of Farleigh Dickinson University and the Armchair Dragoons, and the full data from the results will be released to GAMA, which will share results with members.

GAMA and the research project’s creators are urging participation from members, and the sharing of the link with as many gamers as possible.  The first survey (see “First Gamer research Study Report”) collected data from around 3500 gamers.  Despite the sample size, that first survey did not have enough data on CCG players to report on their characteristics; hopefully, that will change with this survey and it will include results for the largest portion of the hobby games market.

The deadline for responses is April 15. Click here for the survey.