The Pokemon Company International has announced Battle Academy 2024 and Palafin Ex Box, both for release on June 21 for players 6 and up.

Pokemon TCG: Battle Academy 2024 is a beginners option for the game, with everything two players need to play, including deck guides that make the first game easy to follow.  The box includes three 60-card decks, each with a special Pokemon: Armarouge ex, Pikachu ex, or Darkrai ex.  The game also includes a two-player game board, 3 deck boxes to keep the cards organized, rulebook, a large metallic coin featuring the three characters, a set of damage counters, 2 tutorial guides, a set-up instruction sheet, and all-new promo cards: 4 Mareep, 3 Flaaffy, 2 Ampharos, 4 Pawniard, 3 Bisharp, 2 Kingambit, 1 Miraidon, and 6 Picnicker.

Pokemon TCG: Battle Academy 2024 MSRP is $24.99.

Pokemon TCG: Palafin ex Box includes playable foil cards for Finizen, Palafin, and Palafin ex; an oversize foil card featuring Palafin ex; and 4 booster packs. MSRP is $21.99.

For a full schedule of 2024 releases see “’Pokemon TCG’ 2024 Product Release Calendar.”