WizKids will release a new wave of Pathfinder Deep Cuts miniature packs in September. Each figure is individually packed with primer applied, and deep cuts for easier painting.  As is the case for Nolzur’s Deep Cuts (see “’D&D Nolzur’s’ Character Packs”), packaging is color coded, with teal for player characters, red for monsters, yellow for non-player characters, and green for terrain.  This wave includes monster and player figures:

  • Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Female Halfling Magus Low-Level ($4.49)
  • Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Desert Giant ($8.99)
  • Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Male Dwarf Champion High-Level ($4.49)
  • Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Lunar Naga ($8.99)

WizKids released a wave of Pathfinder Deep Cuts packs last fall (see “’Pathfinder Deep Cuts’ Wave Inbound”).

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