Wizards of the Coast has offered up new Magic: The Gathering Pinfinity Pins for WPN stores to use as exclusive incentives for Friday Night Magic events.

These new pins come as an retailer upgrade for Bloomburrow FNM events (see "'Bloomburrow' Release Deets"). The pins feature two unique designs and are packaged in a kit. The kits come with 6 Pinfinity AR-enhanced collectible pins and 2 metal commander tokens exclusive to FNM events. Like other Pinfinity collectibles, the pins and tokens can be scanned to unlock other digital features via the Pinfinity app.

There will be two windows for retailers to order the pins: May 13-31, 2024 and June 3-21, 2024. Possible uses for these pins can be as rewards for participation, good sportsmanship, mentorship, or for a top player at the event.