Publisher Description.  Mutantkind no longer has Krakoa, but they still have the X-Men!

Over the last few months, new series announcements have revealed what awaits in the X-Men's From the Ashes era.  Set around—and beyond—the globe, the upcoming titles see new teams assemble to take on emerging threats to mutankind, beloved characters fulfill their long-awaited destiny as solo heroes, and other groups of mutants come together to survive a world that fears them now more than ever.  They may share the same dream, but they have different missions.  Harkening back to classic X-Men storytelling while embracing the franchise's modern evolution, From the Ashes is an exciting fresh start for longtime fans and newcomers alike!

From the Ashes will officially kick off this July in X-Men #1, NYX #1, Phoenix #1, and X-Force #1.  Today, fans can peek ahead at what's to come in these first set of launches in August.

NYX #2
Written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing
Art by Francesco Mortarino
From the Shadows Comes Wolverine!  Every day, mutants are being stolen off the streets of Manhattan - unprotected and forgotten by the human world.  Now a war-worn Wolverine will descend into NYC's criminal underworld to bring them back into the light.  Who is the mysterious mutant fixer known only as Local?  Can Laura stand alone against the dangerous forces working to control the future of New York's mutants?  What reality-bending threat waits in the night, already ten steps ahead?  The shadows of NYX are calling. What secrets will you find lurking in that neon darkness?

Phoenix #2
Written Stephanie Phillips
Art by Alessandro Miracolo
Family Reunion in the Far Reaches of Space!  Jean Grey is dedicated to protecting innocents in deep space!  Yes, space is vaster than imagination, greater and darker than the mind can comprehend – and yet, not big enough to stop family from dropping by without warning…  But that’s how it goes when your father-in-law is Corsair of the Starjammers!  Leaving the pirate life behind, he’s got the inside line on huge news, and Phoenix is the only one who can act to save untold lives – that is, if she can believe he’s telling the truth…

X-Force #2
Written by Geoffrey Thorne
Art by Marcus To
Warfare in Wakanda!  Forge leads X-Force in their new, custom Blackbird to the next world fracture in Wakanda.  But as the ground literally changes under their feet, the team will have to stop… the Black Panther?!  That can’t be right, can it?!  And what secret is bubbling under the surface that just might tear the X-Force team asunder?

X-Men #2
Written by Jed Mackay
Art by Ryan Stegman
Invasion!  The X-Men fly to the rescue of a mutant in crisis in San Francisco.  The problem?  Alien invaders seem to have a similar idea. Six X-Men vs. an invading alien fleet?  Sounds about right.

X-Men #3
Written by Jed Mackay
Art by Ryan Stegman
Scott Summers Vs. The United States of America!  How did the X-Men come to possess their HQ, the Factory, and how difficult a position does that put them in?  As Cyclops meets the implacable Agent Lundqvist, the X-Men come to find that their new home may not be as secure as they had thought…

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